Electric automatic rotary adapter

Drilling rigs of the latest generation deliver very high torques, which increasingly means that cased holes can be drilled even to greater depths. For this purpose, longer and longer casings are used, where the rotary adapter must be locked at great heights. It is also sometimes necessary to „untwist“ the casing by pulling it back, which makes it necessary to lock the adapter while the casing is still being brought down. 

The manual locking and unlocking of the adapter with the casing is very time-consuming – it also involves risks for the personnel on the construction site. Our solution is the E-ADT: Electromechanically operated and controllable via a radio hand-held transmitter, it eliminates the need for manual locking and unlocking. Operating functions and operating states are signaled and monitored via the hand-held transmitter. The standard scope of delivery includes 2 rechargeable batteries with a long service life to completely avoid downtimes.