Drilling buckets

The drilling bucket is used when drilling in water, supporting liquid or very soft, cohesive soils. It also ensures a flat cleared borehole bottom. The revolving segment can be opened by turning it to the right (locking direction of the kelly bar) to feed material into the drilling bucket. The filled drilling bucket is closed by turning it to the left (unlocking direction of the kelly bar). For optimal processing of different drilling grounds, the drill bucket can be equipped with different cutting edges, pilot drills, toothed bits or chisels on the underside. For cleaning the bottom of the borehole, a bucket without pilot bit, but with reamer bar, is suitable. Drilling buckets with single-bladed revolving segment with flat teeth are used in soft to semi-solid cohesive soils as well as non-cohesive soils up to dense bedding. For larger diameters (from approx. 1.5 m) and for uncased boreholes, the drilling bucket should be equipped with two cutting edges. To avoid suction (piston effect) while pulling the drilling bucket, LEFFER drilling buckets are equipped with a flow channel. In the case of smaller versions, the bucket is closed by means of a rotary heart locking mechanism; in the case of large diameters, by means of a hook-locking mechanism. For soft soils we recommend our types BE and BE-2, for hard soils the types BEF, BEF-2 and for clearing the bore bottom BER.