Casing machines KL type for combined use rotary drilling rigs

To support the rotary drilling rig, LEFFER offers casing oscillators in short design (KL type). In general, the LEFFER casing oscillators have been designed according to special empirical values: 

  • The five-link clamp, which encloses the casing, prevents plastic damage to the pipe circumference and ensures efficient and force-locked transmission of torques and vertical forces.
  • Our casing machines can be converted to smaller diameters in a matter of minutes thanks to our reduction inserts.
  • The torque-resistant attachment to the excavator guarantees the transmission of the full oscillating movement. This allows rotation of the pipe string up to 25° per oscillating movement.
  • The low headroom on the excavator side allows a 360° movement of the excavator upper carriage even when coupled.
  • LEFFER casing machines can be used to case and drill at the same time. It is controlled either via the on-board hydraulics of the carrier device or via a LEFFER-own unit.